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Please note that this Encyclopedia is blocked from editing except for designated individuals. If you would like to contact us concerning errors or new additions for the Encyclopedia please e-mail us at: [1].

The George Washington University and Foggy Bottom Historical Encyclopedia seeks to capture 186 years of GW's achievements and over two centuries of Foggy Bottom history. As a source of accurate factual information, the Encyclopedia can be used by anyone interested in the history of GW or Foggy Bottom. The Encyclopedia is an ongoing, constantly growing resource. At present there are no plans for a printed version.

The Encyclopedia is edited by members of the Special Collections Research Center.


This category includes information on the several campuses of the university--Foggy Bottom, Mount Vernon, Northern Virginia, the Pre-1912 campuses and other off-site building locations.

This category incluces two chronologies of the university and the Foggy Bottom area--1795 to 1904 and 1904 to 2006.

This category includes significant events in the history of the university and the Foggy Bottom area. It also includes "firsts" and social events. Not all events need to be officially sanctioned university events. They may be natural disasters, demonstrations, rallies, etc.

History of GW University
This category includes histories of the university or Foggy Bottom area. It also includes citations of books or booklets written about the university and Foggy Bottom and some of the traditions established through the years.

This category includes GW graduates, professors, staff, trustees, administrators, friends and individuals from Foggy Bottom who have made a significant contributions to the University, to their profession or chosen field, or to society in general. In addition, people with no formal affiliation with GW who have made a significant contribution to the educational mission may also be included.

This category explores official and unofficial places that carry special significance for the university or community. It includes memorials, buildings, monuments, campus and community maps, plaques and gates, libraries and event locations. We would like to find and catalog as many as possible.

This category describes the history of a school or program at the university. Even if relatively short-lived it, is an essential part of the history of the university. The schools, programs, departments and centers define the scope and reach of an institution.

Sports (Athletics)
This category includes people and events in all aspects of sports at the University.

Student Life
This category deals with aspects of student life over GW's 186 year history with special emphasis on student organizations and student publications.

University Archives
This category deals with articles about the University Archives and Museum.


Each entry includes a section on "Document Information," the article and categories for further research.

This lists the number of images included in the article.

Photographic Credit: n/a
If we have a photographic credit it will be included here.

Author or Source:
This will contain information as to the author, source citations or notes on research.

Document Location:
This will cite where the document or information is located.

Date Added to Encyclopedia:
This will indicate when the article was added to the Encyclopedia.

Prepared by:
This will list who prepared the document for inclusion in the encyclopedia. The preparer is responsible for researching, writing or scanning the document into the encyclopedia.

Following the Document Information is the actual article.

Categories for further research are listed at the bottom. Also included in the articles are links to other articles or web pages useful for additional research.

General disclaimer:

The GW and Foggy Bottom Encyclopedia is available without restrictions. Copyright is generally held by the University. If an article is taken from outside the university permission must be obtained before publication.

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